2012: The ASDFGHJKL; Year

Halfway through the first day of 2013, and here I am writing about the year that was. I’m tagging 2012 as my ASDFGHJKL; year. I don’t think I’ve written asdfghjkl; so many times as I did this year. Hahaha. ~*~*~ I’m sensing a lot of changes coming in 2013. Nakikini-kinita ko na. Especially with all the personal … Continue reading


Cats are very peculiar creatures. They do things on their own. They eat when they want, they sleep when they want. They roll around in the grass and will sometimes eat it. They’ll barf afterwards, but it comes with the package. There are days wherein I’m aching for some kitty cuddlin’. I’d call them out … Continue reading

Please Don’t Fuck Up My Heart

Please Don’t Fuck Up My Heart

Please don’t fuck up my heart It has bled and has been broken a lot. It has been through so much that I’m afraid I cannot move again. Please don’t fuck up my heart I have just recently learned how to believe in life and love again. I’m afraid I cannot start anew. Please don’t fuck … Continue reading