Beauty and Not the Breakdown

For a while now, I’ve been hiding a tiny depression I’ve been having while looking at my post-pregnancy body. I want to workout BADLY, to get rid of the flabs, fats, and general jiggliness of it all. But I’m not allowed to yet, since I’ve just given birth.

Looking back, part of this was caused by a hater telling me that the “Bevzilla look” doesn’t fit me.


Seeing this post empowered me to look at everything and everyone surrounding me. I realized that I had so much going for me. I have my super supportive, loving, and all around awesome permanent roommate boyfriend, the cutest, most adorable little pup everrrr, a great family, kickass friends, fulfilling and challenging career… Srsly, superb.

This is not an excuse to not exercise and get fit. Rather, this is a reminder of the beautiful blessings around me and my family, and how it all the more motivates me to get a healthier lifestyle for them.

And to my ever-present hater: I am confident and content. Sa’yo na yang ka-sexyhan mo.


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