Hi anak, this is TL;DR. But read it anyway.

Hello! This is Nanay. :) It’s my first time writing to you, and because of that maraming sasabihin si Nanay. Sit a while and read muna. :)

So we’re currently on our 18th week together. Madami na tayong napagdaanan anak, at hindi ka pa lumalabas niyan ha. A lot of times, this fact makes me proud that I’m carrying you. Other times, though, it overwhelms and sometimes scares me. Pasensya na, anak, first time e.

The two lines that changed our lives. :)

The two lines that changed our lives. :)

When your Ama and I found out about you, we were genuinely surprised. We have to admit, we weren’t expecting you yet. We were actually planning to have you next year pa. Mukhang mas excited ka pa sa amin e, haha.

baby balrog

This was you at 5 weeks! ♥

However, on your sixth week with us, you gave Nanay and Ama quite a scare. When we found out that we almost lost you, we…didn’t know what to do. The next few days were tough. We were confined, anak, at Delgado Hospital (which might be the same hospital you’ll be born in) for three and a half days. The doctor ordered bedrest for us for two weeks. During our time there in the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to get up at all.

Now, let me tell you something about your father. He is the single, most squeamish man I know. You can ask any of your ninongs or ninangs. He gets close to vomitting just by the mere scent of anything … “organic”. He can’t stand the sight of things he deems disgusting. Given these facts, how do you think he fared at being armed with my bed pan, 24/7?

Surprisingly, your ama stepped up nang sobra. I apologized every time I had to go, but he stuck by me and took care of us, saying that I shouldn’t apologize. He hardly slept through our stay there, and would immediately wake up when I’d move. I don’t know if you can appreciate these tidbits now, but once you’ve lived with Ama for a few years (knowing how madidirihin he is, and how mantika he is when he sleeps), you’ll certainly thank him for it.

After that, everything was smooth sailing again. We first heard your dubstep heartbeat last August 10. Baby pa lang, para ka nang ama mo haha. We will find out your gender next month, through an ultrasound. (Wag malikot po ha? XD) Everything is so exciting. You know how your father and I gush about you, since you can hear us already.


With love, from Nanay + Ama ♥

Anak…I want to take this moment din to thank you. Your father and I really, truly believe that all our blessings now are because you are with us. Things aren’t perfect, but I can definitely say that we’ve never been happier together. Thank you, anak.

One last thing. Anak, someone said “good luck” daw sa akin since I am “on the way to failure”. I don’t know how a person can conjure so much hatred, to think that a child can be a cause for someone’s misery. Grabe ‘no? Pero, anak, let’s just prove him, and all of our haters, wrong, shall we? :)

Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach

And someday, I’m going to read this to you. Or Samuel L. Jackson will.

We can hardly wait for you anak. See you soon.

I love you,


6 thoughts on “Hi anak, this is TL;DR. But read it anyway.

  1. hi bevs! congrats sa inyo ni kumag este ni papa john pala! hahahahaha basta kumaen ka ng madaming fruits para maganda balat ni baby and syempre healthy din sya ;) tapos sa 7th month mo na ikaw magshopping ng things nya! alam mo na may kasabihan kasi. hehe iloveyou three! <3 see you soon bevs :*

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