2012: The ASDFGHJKL; Year

Halfway through the first day of 2013, and here I am writing about the year that was.

I’m tagging 2012 as my ASDFGHJKL; year. I don’t think I’ve written asdfghjkl; so many times as I did this year. Hahaha.


I’m sensing a lot of changes coming in 2013. Nakikini-kinita ko naEspecially with all the personal goals I’ve set for myself.

Last year, I wrote about the highlights of my 2011. Comparing them now, I can see why I got fatter. Oo, may connection siya.

For one thing, I didn’t get to do ANY traveling last year. That means I have spent my days either just in front of my office PC or at home. What kind of life is that? :| (… The office board meeting does NOT count.) And that makes me really, deeply sad. I have vowed to change that this year. This year MUST be better. Especially for my travels. Sigh.

2012 also tested my patience. Many, many, many times. Haha, I couldn’t contain my anger 40% of the time. I’d like to write it off as “passion”, but I know I’d just be kidding myself. Hahahahaha. Because of that, I’ve gained both friends, enemies, and frenemies.

I had small achievements din naman. Hahaha. I dominated the SERPs for “Bevie Lopez” on both Google.com and Images.Google.com. HAH!

bevlopez google search

Nasa content ang lakas. :p


bevlopez image search

Granted, hindi ako lahat yang nasa picture. BUT STILL!


Andami kong goals. Hehe. Looking forward to the next 364 days.~

AND AND AND, 30 days na lang, BEVuary na! Yes, I’m THAT excited. I love my birthday. XD


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