His Christmas Gift

Tonight, he has given me more than any gift could ever be worth.
When I “officially” started feeling Christmas-y, I made a list of all the places I want to visit before the season is over: the giant Christmas tree in Gateway, the Lantern Parade in UP Diliman, Paskuhan in UST, Ayala Triangle Garden, and Eastwood.

I didn’t know that he kept tabs on that list. :p

We met at Gateway today and watched Silent Hill Revelation. We also spent some time in the arcade.


So kyot. :3

After that, we went to ToSH Alimall to have some noms (and where we saw Chef Iggy–hi Iggy! Thank you! Food was superb. ^_^). Then we walked all over the area, looking for the giant Christmas tree. Mali pala kami ng dinadaanan, hahaha. But, after three rounds, we finally found it.



Tambay and coffee in CBTL after that.


Gratuitous photo of Bev. XD


Then he asked me where I wanted to go next.

Ever since the Ayala Triangle became a “thing” during Christmas time, panga-pangarap ko na makita un in person. So I told him I wanted to go there, kahit gabi na. I saw how visibly tired he was (andami naming lakad na ginawa @_@), but he still went for it.

Upon arriving, there were … no lights.


None of this. :( (Credits to Inquirer)

Much to my disappointment, we missed everything. Apparently, the Light Show was only until 10 in the evening. And we didn’t know that.

So I was half-walking, half-pouting along Paseo, sad that we missed it. He then did the most incredible thing.

He handed me his wallet. His phone. His hanky. And then he danced. He just danced his heart out, there at the sidewalk. While walking. It was so cute and fun to watch! Looking back, I realized that I should’ve taken a video of him doing that. … But then again, I feel kind of selfish. I felt that was just for me.

Natutuwa pa ako, because I know how tired he was. Then he just did that. Asdfghjkl. Saya ko e. XD

You gave me a reason to smile and laugh, aking irog. Thank you.


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