Cats are very peculiar creatures. They do things on their own. They eat when they want, they sleep when they want. They roll around in the grass and will sometimes eat it. They’ll barf afterwards, but it comes with the package.

There are days wherein I’m aching for some kitty cuddlin’. I’d call them out and force a hug. If I’m lucky, they won’t move. They’ll just kinda stick around for the rubs, then move on. Most of the time, though, I get rejected. They would bite and scratch me like there’s no tomorrow.

However, there are moments, like tonight, which make me serene.

Tonight was … yeah.


Roulette was there. No one coerced her to stay with me, but she did. Just when I needed her most.

She mewed to me, softly. Comforting. True.

I’ll stay here. Just here. Until you tell me not to. Until you tell me to go. Until you tell me you don’t need me anymore.

Comfortable silence between a cat and a human.


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