Women as Commodities?

First, it was “No Panty Day”.

June 22 is No Panty Day

Then, it’s “No Bra Day”.

Now I see circulating photos of “Naked Women Day”.

Naked Women Day

While everyone is saying it’s just “for fun” and that we shouldn’t take these things seriously, it’s reaching this point of being very annoying.

Don’t you feel offended that women are easily discarded to fake “holidays” to what? … Yes, to what ends exactly? “Celebrate being a woman?” Bullfrogs. Pretty sure all of you men readers out there have a woman or several women you cherish. Di ba kayo naaasar sa ganitong pagtrato sa mga babae? Ewan ko ha, but I’m fed up already. Nakakaburyo na. This patriarchal culture is crap. =_=

Please don’t treat women like commodities. You don’t see us asking for “No Briefs or Boxers Day”, right? … And the very thought of your shlongs dangling about is … *shudder*.

Tsaka isa pa, can you guys get your calendar straight? You want the Naked Women Day THEN the No Bra Day right after. Grabe ha, adik lang? Really? Pervs.


One thought on “Women as Commodities?

  1. Respectfully….who is making the thousands upon thousands of women pose in every concievable position on the internet? What about all of the ‘self-shots’ that women take of themselves? So who chooses what is demeaning and what is art or what is done for vanity and profit? Half of the world has boobs. The other half love boobs. It is biologically and genetically coded. So why hate men? Maybe some women don’t like it, but there are a lot of women who exploit the hell out of there boobs for their own reasons. It’s a free country. Women can choose to bra or not bra on any day they wish. Lighten up.—sage

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