Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days of Ayu

Dear John Abrena on our anniversary,

One year ago, you decided to take a leap of faith and announce to your closest friends that we were Us. After many months of people asking if there was something going on between us (because, heck, it sure looked like it and I’m pretty sure when you denied it when they asked, they didn’t believe it), you finally said, “Yes, she’s my girlfriend.” I cannot even fathom how incredibly weird that was, sitting there and listening to you just announcing that without consulting me. But then again, I knew how I felt about you. Much as I wanted to react (quite violently, I might add), I just let you bask in that moment. Anyway, I figured we could have that Talk later on that night.

Tides on a Thursday

It happened on this day, when we went out with them.

We never did have that Talk. I remember telling you that that was the first time you called me your “girlfriend” and you shrugged and smiled and said, “Yeah.” And that was it.

And now, it has been a year. From the plain randomness of that moment till today, I still can’t quite fathom you. I try to, tried to, but I think I like you like this.

One thing though: Funny how we used to travel a lot before we became official. I miss those times. :)


Remember when we went to Baguio? ^_^

Sigh. It still surprises me, how we ended up here. Now. In each other’s arms. I feel like a kid, wondering what the hell happened. Haha.

Sometimes the thought of loving you for another 365 days seems impossible but then other times it’s all I can ever imagine doing. I’ll think about the day when I first met you and how I felt like I had this entire person to just discover and love. Now I’ve discovered you and I’ve loved you. What now? It’s okay to ask yourself these questions. They’re totally valid. It doesn’t mean anything terrible. A relationship that’s lasted 365 days leaves you with a series of question marks and the answer to all of them is usually “I’M STICKING WITH YOU!” So you needn’t worry. Needn’t worry at all.


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