“No, sir, your content sucks. We don’t want your guest post.”

I started learning the ins and outs of SEO and Inbound Marketing late last year. I know the basics and could easily join simple discussions about SEO and marketing in general. I am thankful that my position does not require me to delve into the deep recesses of this industry. (I have seen the faces of my bosses as they try to understand new algorithm and shit like that, and I swear it’s not a pretty sight.) I do, however, take pride in what I’ve created in our company.

I am an advocate of content marketing. That is why I made/make/am making (it’s a continuous job) sure my writers are nothing short of awesome. I really do believe that a person’s point of view could be changed by a single article. I should know, being a fan of so many online writers whose thoughts have resounded in my head time and again. I believe in the power of words, more so of the written word, and how it could influence and ultimately transform beliefs.

This is why I get so pissed off when I see half-assed articles and posts which attempt to sound smart when they’re not.

Really, you can’t proofread your own work?

Really, you can’t read your work out loud to see if something sounds wrong?

Really, you don’t know proper subject-verb agreement?

Really, you don’t know the difference between “your” from “you’re”?

For people who brand themselves as names in the industry (all self-proclaimed, mind you; no one out of their social sphere knows them, GAHDDDDD), they sure have sucky articles.

I am particularly pissed at “ghost” content writers who write crap. I mean, if it’s your byline then fine. Ruin your name online, I won’t care. But if you’re creating articles to be posted under someone else’s name (especially if that someone already made a name for him or herself), please I BESEECH you, edit your work. Or ask someone to edit your work for you. Don’t do anything half-assed, for crying out loud.

I have just seen four crap articles. Three are from someone who brands herself as someone who knows her shit. She does not. My goodness, she does not. The other one is from an “SEO consultant” who has written an article about curation (read: ego bait). … They both have serious writing problems and it’s a sad world all over.

And AGAIN, if you can’t deliver your goods DO NOT sell them in the first place. I mean, seriously, if you can’t gauge your own talents, ask one of your good friends to hurl the Truth Barn on you. Do something. Anything. Please, for the love of the written word, read some more. Practice writing. Jason Acidre has mentioned time and again that one of the best assets an SEO specialist can have is the talent and skill for writing. I can attest to that. Asdfghjkl, THESE ARTICLES.


I believe I'm losing IQ points for each subject-verb DISagreement. Sad.


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