Joys of Autonomy

Today officially closes my second week in the apartment and so far…I still haven’t met my roommates. =___= I mean, yes, sure, I’ve seen them (and they’re all pretty darn cute) but I’ve never actually talked to them. Feels weird, seeing that we only just have walls dividing us. @_@

I’m really enjoying my time there. Aside from getting to sleep in (since the office is, quite literally, 2 minutes away), I’m also enjoying the whole “personal space” concept. I like how I can sleep however I want. I like how I can move around and no one minds. I like how I can mess up all my things and put them in order again. I also like the fact that no one nags me for eating on the bed (not even myself, yes). Alam mo yun, I have to deal with everything by myself. If I get roaches or ants, it’d be my fault. That kinda thing.

I guess I really was thrust into the world too early, and that I’m only enjoying these things now. Meh. But everything’s working out fine now.

These keys hold my life.

And I also like to think that Dad approves. Hee.~ ♥

I am poor. But I am happy.



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