Of Hopes and Entrepreneurs

Was just browsing through Tumblr mindlessly today when one of my cousin’s post caught my eye.

Nine ideas.

In the post, she highlighted one part of Jay Parkinson‘s essay:

“I recently talked with someone who said, if you’re an entrepreneur, you should find an idea, build it out, and spend at least 5 years fully dedicated to that idea. At the end of five years, if the idea is working or not working, move on to the next big one. That means, if a typical person works 45 years, they have nine ideas they will work on in their lifetime.

Nine. It isn’t that large of a number. And of those nine, how many of your ideas will truly impact society for the better?

Nine ideas.

And today, Mashable went out with an article and infograph about the nine tech millionaires under 30.

Again with nine.



In roughly two weeks, I will be reaching a critical point in my life wherein I can legitimately say that I am going through a quarter-life crisis. Assuming that I’ll live to be a hundred (and I really doubt that), the next candle on the cake is a milestone. (I can ask myself, “Dafuq did I do for the last 25 years? Aside from, you know, drooling and peeing during the first three years.”)

The article triggered several questions in my head (I felt an implosion somewhere, but anyway.), mostly ending in “What the fuck. Really?” I’ve never become more aware of where I stand in life than right at this moment. I’ve been working for going on four years now, which technically translates to 41 more years. 41 years. 41 years to make a difference.



A few months back, I did an interview with a CEO of a huge international solutions company. During the interview, he let us into his personal insights about business and life. He said that when he was younger, he used to dream of making a difference in the world. As he got older, he refined his dream into something more real: he wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people he dealt with. When he said that, I just had to stop and smile at him. He’s such a big name in the industry, yet he cared about his people. Truly impressed with what he had to say.


My mind is now geared towards building the business. I’m going to take that advice.


I have high hopes and expectations from Xight Interactive. Our company.

Long-term goal: Create. Every five years.

All systems go.


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