FINALLY. Haha. Yes, feel my excitement through caps.

Yesterday, I finished getting all my stuff down to the new apartment. I had help from Ayu’s mum and his brother, Jazz (THANK YOU! ♥) who drove me all the way from Kyusi up to Antipolo then back down again. I took (almost) all my clothes, and I’m very happy about it. More diverse wardrobe! More accessories! YAY. #thesmallthings


Today I went grocery and apartment stuff shopping with Adie. I needed to reload some toiletries and to get a curtain! My room’s window is super see-through that the whole building from across the street could see me nakeeee when I change clothes and stuff. Hoenoes. Kaso when we got there, all the curtains were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Dafuq. Soooo…this is what we did:

See the makeshift curtain? XD

Yes, that’s my blanket right there. Up yours, neighbors. U can no see me! And I can finally change in peace. HAH.

We also got some laundry things (matching basins and hangers, oh yeah) and cleaning things (SM sells those rag things jeepney drivers use to wipe stuff for Php20. Fucktards. But I needed them! x___x) and just-so-I-won’t-die-of-hunger-when-I-don’t-have-money-anymore things (yes, folks, the good old pancit canton). Ahhhh, retail therapy. Semi-counted only, since these are the things I need. Hoho. Survival kit, go!

We also got a bit bored, so Adie tried on my boots:

Das Boots? xD

Yup. Das boots. :))

…and I just played with my face. Yay.


Oh! Will be getting my new glasses by Wednesday. Oha oha. I feel giiiiiiddy. ♥


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