New Year, New You

A very good friend of mine has started her 2012 right. She had gone through a lot of shiznit on the last quarter of 2011 but she pulled through. She told me in her New Year’s message to me that it’s the new year and therefore a time for a new you. Perfect, I thought, it’s time to rock this year.

This week, I decided to move out. Many factors were involved in this decision, but ultimately it’s about learning. Learning how to manage, learning how to be in control, learning how to think differently. For many years, things have been laid out before me in a splendor. (Even the event which was supposedly the biggest event in my life was carried by my mother. Yuck.) All these things should just stop, I thought. It’s about time. So, I did some quick advertising on my Facebook and Twitter. I got some responses after a few minutes, but it was Benji‘s quick Google sleuthing which did the job. He found a place very near our office (two buildings away!) which was renting out a room very cheap.

Room for Rent -- QC

Image from the actual ad. This room looks a bit bigger than mine though. :3

Nothing special about the room itself, but I felt it was iiiiiiiit. Alam mo yun, when you feel that things are just right? Yun. That’s what I felt when I saw the room. Hoho.

So, yes, starting the year right. Getting things out of the way, prioritizing what needs to be prioritized and learning, above all else. That’s what I love about a clean slate. … It’s clean. Derp. xD

I’ll probably be moving in this weekend. I’ll take photos to share with you guys. ^_^ Wish me luck!


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