Personal Year-Starter: The Greatest Hits of 2011

a.k.a. TL;DR

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this year has been the most hectic one I’ve ever had. The past thirteen years (1998 and below went undocumented…in cyberspace, at least) had nothing on 2011. So many ups and downs and lefts and rights and topsy-turvys that I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve been putting off writing about this year for the longest time because well…it will take a long time. Plus, I’m not that good at organizing my thoughts. I tend to skip from on topic to another. Argh. So I figured I should just jump right in. Let’s get on with it!


Despite the insanely insane pay (the good kind of insane), I found myself becoming less and less interested at my former job. After the whole “restructuring”, my heart just wasn’t into it anymore. The whole purpose of the job was lost in my head. I wasn’t seeing the point of anything, really, besides being the errands girl of the Great White Man. I was going around saying that I was paid for my brains, yet in reality I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. Going to work every day became a chore; the character of a “career” wasn’t in it any longer (unlike when I first entered). At the end of the third quarter, I decided to hand in The Letter. I didn’t have a job waiting for me, I didn’t know where to go, and I didn’t know what would happen next. All I knew then was I HAD to leave. I lived off the little savings I had for some time, until Jason and his brilliance shone upon me. Haha. He handed me the opportunity I was waiting for. I wrote about it here, you should go read (teehee, link bait). All I can say is that I’m really enjoying my stay here. We’re going through hiccups, as all startups do, but I’m sticking by Xight Interactive.


On New Year’s Eve, I decided to spare my friends from the usual “group messages” and sent them very personalized ones. It took up more time, sure, but then I realized every single text I sent was worth it. I had a lot t be thankful for. I wouldn’t and couldn’t be where I am right now without them.

Over the years, I cherished the relationship I have with my closest friends. College seems like a long time back, but when I’m with them there’s an instant time warp where we’re back to just being kids, enjoying each others’ company and forgetting life’s worries. Despite restraints in schedule and physical distance, they’re there. I just know that they’re there.

I’m most thankful for the time they helped me while I was going through a very trying period, when I was attempting to save a dying relationship. They listened and, despite everything, supported me. They were even honest enough to say they weren’t for it in the beginning but, meh, it was my choice anyway. That supportive. I can’t get that anywhere else! ♥ All I can say is that they’re amazing and, again, I’m very thankful. Really.

Aside from my long-time friends, I also made new ones this year. Granted they are mostly, if not all, John’s friends, but I created bonds with them that doesn’t just confine me to being a friend because I’m his girlfriend. … At least, that’s what I’d like to believe, hahaha. Hmm.. Ne, I’m very happy I met all of them. They all have these weird quirks which I am extremely fond of. Some of them are currently working with me in Xight, which makes for a very fun office.

memriiiz xD

Cute, eh. :p


TRAVELS. Okay, first of all I would like to admit that I am a probinsiyana and a good girl. REALLY. I go to school/work. I go to org activities/shopping. I go home. … Okay, maybe I went out here and there (…sploot) but I’ve never been to places aside from malls (Glorietta and SM Makati mostly and on the very rare occasions I go to SM North or TriNoma during college) or friend’s houses. LAME. I KNOW. (Read: First time to Star City: This year, April. YAY.) I’ve just started exploring the world after college my second job. Literally. I’ve always been disciplined, you know, to be a good girl. To manage my time well, finish tasks, and still be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Last year, I decided to totally forego the whole “good night’s sleep” concept and just enjoy.

My favorite trip this year is, of course, the Puerto Prinsesa trip. Nothing beat those five days of sheer freedom. And shisha. And…babes.

Puerto Prinsesa with the girls


Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed Puerto Prinsesa. ♥ It was, indeed, a slice of paradise. … Gusto ko maulit. X_X Derp.


I still miss mum and dad. The holidays were really tough on me. I like to keep a strong front and all, but it just really got to me. Haay. As long as I know they’re okay, then I’m okay too. *self hug*

I miss you!

I’m also missing my brother. Strangely. Haha. We haven’t seen each other since Christmas. I need my tangahan moment too. ♥


This year, I met three celebrities. Madami na yun for a girl like me. Hahahaha.

Lourd de Vera

First, I met the Lourd.

Ramon Bautista

Then I met a funny man.

Rod Tolentino

Then I met...kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~ ... Sorry. T_T


But the highlight of this year really was you. Getting to know you better. Being with you. Learning from you. Rolling around in bed with you Aysori. Haha.


Chu :)

Even though you forgot what date it is today (again), I still love you. ♥ Always.~


Overall, I really loved 2011. I lost a lot, yes, but I was blessed with so much more than I could ever wish for. I didn’t think it was remotely possible to be thisclosetoexploding because of what happened over the course of 365 days but Iwasthiiiiiiiiiiiiiisclosetoexploding, I swear.

So, yeah. 2012 is off to a good start. Crossing fingers for an awesome year. ♥


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