Don’t sell if you can’t deliver, baby.~

Writing this while manly musky scents waft through my nose. Derp.

Working in the corporate arena for three years taught me several valuable lessons, one of which is to sell ONLY what you can deliver. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; when you don’t have the goods, DON’T flag yourself as a seller.

Admittedly, there comes a point wherein you have to bullshit your way through something (rushed reports ring a bell?). However, people can only take so much. In this age of high information traffic, audiences (and clients) have learned how to distinguish the good from dafuq. Even marketing executives, known in their field to have hot faces and bodies (it’s a prerequisite), have backed-up their spiels with authoritative knowledge in their industries. In short, smarts get the sales.

Brand-carriers who brandish themselves as something they are SO not irritate me. Maipagpag lang, ‘no? I don’t understand how they have become names in the industry, when upon closer inspection they have nothing but trash. Annoying. Walk the talk, baby. Orrrr try rebranding. For a better 2012.

Short rant. La dee dah.


3 thoughts on “Don’t sell if you can’t deliver, baby.~

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