Binalot in the Metro: A Feast for the Eyes and Tummy

Wednesday, Kim Rivero Maurer posted this in her FB:

Binalot in the Metro's first day!

Curious, we decided to go there after work. However, due to compounding shizload of things to do, we didn’t make it to her first day. :c

But first, what is binalot?

Many of us already have an idea of what binalot is, encountering them in stalls in malls, bazaars, train stations and such. The term binalot does not refer to the food itself but rather to how the food is packed or wrapped (in Filipino, this word literally means “wrapped”). It usually pertains to using banana leaves as wrapper for meals that (usually) combine rice and viand. Several restaurants have adopted this method, creating a distinct dining experience for their customers.

Taking this idea and innovating it, Kim decided to open up her own business. Partnering with Banchetto, a haven for new food entrepreneurs to test their businesses, Kim launched Binalot in the Metro.

Binalot in the Metro

Binalot in the Metro owner Kim Rivero with Aeon Aviado

Thursday evening, AJ, Ayu and I trooped to Banchetto Forum to catch BitM’s second day. As usual, Banchetto was packed with people, customers and entrepreneurs alike. Close to 50 booths were open, all with different offerings for the night. But, of course, we were only interested in one. >:D

Binalot in the Metro offered pork and chicken barbecue, tocino, longganisa, tapa, grilled porkchop and boneless bangus. Di namin naabutan ung bangus, though. Apparently, it was their first day’s best seller (sold out, WOOHOO!) and Kimmy forgot to order a new batch. Hoho.

Binalot in the Metro's Offering

Appetizing treats!~

Excited, I immediately ordered my meal. I asked for the pork BBQ set, Ayu got tocino and AJ (Aeon, don’t get confused) got chicken BBQ. All meals come with rice, salted egg and tomatoes. YUM. After a few minutes…


This used to hold 2 sticks of BBQ, rice, salted egg and tomatoes. Simot! xD

At first take, it didn’t look much but midway through the meal I felt the heaviness of the food. Daym. And it was sooooo delish. Sobra. So so so SO worth it. After the meal, we got some drinks. In Banchetto, each stall could not be a one-stop-shop, i.e. if they’re selling food they can’t sell drinks and v.v. Ayu got some fail juice though. He bought mango juice but when I sipped it tasted like pineapple. Weird weird weird. Ick.

Before we left, Kimmy sent us a “parting gift”. Teehee. xD

Yummy yummy!

Thanks Kimmy!~

So if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not!!), come and check out BINALOT IN THE METRO at the Overnight Food Fiesta, Banchetto Forum.

Binalot in the Metro

After meal graces.~

Kim + Bev

With the owner of Binalot in the Metro ♥

For more information about Banchetto, you may send them an email at info[dot]banchetto[at]gmail[dot]com or visit their website.


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