WorkingBev is back…YAY!

A month’s worth of blog hiatus. Derp.

September. I found myself out of work and quickly losing whatever savings I had left. I started sending out application forms left and right, but companies weren’t in hiring mode at that time. (I also think it’s because of the whole retrograde thing. Anyway.) I was seriously considering opportunities abroad. A former client was offering me a full-time job in either Spain or the UK and I was sorely sorely sorely tempted. I remember writing about it here: To see the world or continue forging on here?

One night, however, changed everything.

Where the heart is

“What if I gave you an opportunity to work here and earn the same as you would abroad?” Those were his first words to me. I shook back the alcohol and asked if he was serious. “No drunk talk, Kais,” I remember saying, “I’m seriously looking at my options.” We were at a friend’s birthday party when he opened up the discussion. From then on, we started talking about business opportunities and avenues for work.

I felt torn. I was still processing my VISA application then, and continuing to look for sponsors for my trip. But, of course, I didn’t want to leave my life (and love, sorry hehe) here. Pero ALAM MO YUN. That feeling of what if. What if leaving was the right choice? What if I’d find greater opportunities there? What if? What if? What if? … But then I thought, “If it’s really made for me, the Universe will conspire for it.” Wala akong dapat ipilit, so to speak. Ahh. Sounds so profound. Haha. So I continued doing what I was doing, letting the Universe speak to me.

Conspire, it did

Then finally, It spoke. Dito daw ako e. Krkrkrkr. :3 Game time, October. I decided to give my full attention to Xight Interactive, Kais’ brainchild. At the start, we had nothing but our own computers/laptops and Internet connections to rely on. We slowly started work, learning about SEO, what makes it tick, what makes it conk, what is Panda (ZOMGAAARGH!), who’s who, what’s what, and all that. We found ourselves at Allan‘s place most of the time, abusing the awesomeness that was his Internet. However, there was a growing need for an office. More and more people were joining our team, plus more and more clients were steadily pouring in. Game time na nga!

Xight Interactive Logo

Our first home was in [UNDISCLOSED]. We spent almost a month there, trying to make do with what we had. Our team’s growth was exponential: we started out with seven people, then eight, then ten. On our fourth week, we were growing a basketball team. Today, we’re… madami. Haha! Kaya the old office wasn’t enough. We packed our things after a month or so at our little “makeshift” office.

Our little family has now moved to our (semi) permanent office. (I say “semi” since this is not our official room yet.) I remember squealing with delight while looking around our new office. Definitely lost my composure then, but it was just fantastic. It IS fantastic. I have my own little nook which I really love. I can write the way I want to (I have a certain way bad habit in writing…I slouch and keep my cheeks super close to the paper, haha). I can take naps (WOOHOO). Definitely an improvement from the old office.

Ang saya lang. We’re growing up so fast! December! Clients are pouring in, and the blessings aren’t stopping. We’re all very thankful that we’re so blessed with so much in just a short span of time. Alam mo yun… nakakakilig, sobra.

And I’m also happy I’m working with people that I get along with. Well. Hmm. It’s a double-edged sword, really. We’ve all heard that line before, how it’s hard working with your relatives or your friends. For my part, I’m juggling two things: working with my friends AND working with my lover (lovaaaah). Yes, there are frustrations and, yes, there are problems. But for my part, I trying my best to balance work and personal issues. It’s tough being an operations manager and an understanding girlfriend. xD

Nawa tuluy-tuloy ang tagumpay. AJA! ♥

Tag-line tiemz!

The future is in Xight.

Xight Interactive


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