“Occult People”

… is what the boyfie likes to call people like me. A non-practicing witch. Actually, he clumps everyone who are in tune with their esoteric side as “oçcult”. X_x

There’s nothing Hogwarts-y about it. I just used to cast glamours on myself. I wasn’t part of any coven. Well, a proper one at least. Yes, there were wands. And potions. And ingredients and brews. No newt eyes or bat wings, mind you. Just everyday things from the kitchen. XD

Anyway, I’m getting off track. I was going to tell a story. :))

I recently got to chat with Nangni, my godmother from my previous marriage. I told her all about the..uh…stuff that happened. I also mentioned about my new-found happiness. In the same breath, I told her I’m a bit nervous since they’re both Tauruses and things might just run in circles. I told her that these two boys were as different as heck from each other. This prolly piqued her curiosity, because she then decided to give us all a reading.

Mind you, she has never spoken nor seen Ayu prior to our conversation (well, except through our profile photo). But the next few minutes just stunned me. She described both guy’s personality so accurately that it was scary. She also saw where one differed from the other. I won’t go into details na lang. Basta all that she got from asking for their birthdays and birthplaces. Cool.

I’m a huge believer in these things, and that day affirmed it even more. Ayu felt creeped out by the fact that someone could describe him as precise as that. Granted, it didn’t encompass his whole personality. But still.

He still doesn’t believe in “the occult” though. :p


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