Cut Off

And we went back to simple times. At least for some time.

Today I woke up to, literally, howling wind and galvanized iron. Srsly, Ayu’s roof was a rampaging slab of…angryyyyy. >_> I also noticed that the power supply was out. That was around six or seven AM. Good thing it was windy, else I wouldn’t have been able to sleep again.

When we finally woke up, we decided to hang out in Trinoma. Our agenda? To charge our phones. Haha, because we’re evil that way. But I guess everyone had the same idea because when we got there, all the coffee joints were completely occupied. And almost everyone had their laptops with them. Krkrkr, u mad Trinoma? >:)

We ended up doing a bit of shopping for snacks and heading for Allan’s place. Vince had the same idea. Ayan tuloy, we’re all here. Doing…stuff. And now electricity’s back. And we’re being normal again.

We’re very reliant on electricity, but we can live without it. For a while. A little while. :p


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