Today’s Lessons

A lot of things don’t make sense. Many times, we’ll find ourselves confused, baffled and utterly lost. One minute, you have your mojo going for you. The next, your head is going, “What the fuck, man?”

I find myself in situations like that a lot. I usually just go with the flow. Life fucks me, I fuck right back. I don’t like to dwell in things, it creates a crazy me. But there are very few instances where I can’t get myself out of the rut. I dwell. I wallow. Confusion ensues and I can’t fuck back. It’s very annoying.


I have the greatest urge to cry right now, but believe me I can’t explain why. I just do. I have these emotional fits that defy explanation. I think I got it worse than a pregnant lady. … omg, what more when I get preggo? Ffffffffffu. … Anyway. Fuck moping. Nothing gets done when I mope.

Think I’ll just go finish my book. :\


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