Conquering Fears…Again

Humans are the only know species who like to scare themselves. They like triggering their fear center, the amygdala, to stimulate themselves. It is not only fear that triggers this area though. Sexual as well as disgusting thoughts also create the same response. Why some people crave this type of stimulation isn’t clear. All I know is…I don’t. :| I always tell my friends, “I’d rather die than be in a The Grudge type of situation.”

Anyway. Last Sunday I had another dose of conquering my festering fear of falling.

Daniru, Allan, AJ, Ayu and I (taking the photo) before riding the Flying Fiesta.

I have this awful fear of falling. Dips kill me. D: I feel like my insides will pop out of my mouth whenever I feel a large pull on my stomach. Hence my asdfghjkl relationship with Anchors Away. I’ve avoided that ride like the plague ever since I rode it and cried, wtf. Parang, “never again, you filthy scum!” Halfway through the line, though, my head went “Fuck it. Let’s go.” My hands were shaking and my lips were dry, pero sige lang.

And after riding Anchors Away.

And you know what? I’m glad I did. The first 30 seconds of the ride I felt my fear clawing its way up and the tears came, but for the rest of the ride I was just laughing my head off. We even went for another round right before the park closed. O di ba. Not bad for a 24-year-old. xD


And today, I got another Test Your Fear Here! thing. I stumbled upon this video over at Vimeo. The first few minutes were fine, up until 1:06. Putangina lang.



It was a DOLL. A frickin’ DOLL that LOOKS LIKE HIM. WTF.

Curiosity got the better of me, though. I went ahead and watched, albeit twitching mouth and hands.

Aaaaaand I think my fear just got a wee bit worse. :\


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