Mornings: Wherein you think you know what you’ll write, but…

[NB: I’m particular about my posts, but this one’s an exception. It is bilingual in nature. I feel I can’t convey my thoughts properly if I don’t put it this way.]

I was supposed to write something to update (because, dammit, I haven’t written shiz in four frickin’ daaaaays), pero putangina, natanga ako after reading AJ’s post. He was talking about a girl in the Burn Unit and the image just stuck in my head. Alessa’s face (Silent Hill) is danging in front of my eyes right now. Not scary at all, but creepily mesmerizing. Napa-what the fuck ako talaga. Bravo, AJ. Very well done.

I am a fan of the written word. Vivid entries stick to me for a long time. Natatanga ako (no other word for it I swear) and I caught myself staring at the monitor for a while before writing this.

Tsk. This is all your fault Heyjey. :|


Seen on Facebook: Journalists make good stalkers. Keep that in mind the next time you cross one.

I just had to nod and smile.


Ayan, di na ako natatanga. Writing tiemz.

For the past four days I’ve been enjoying my bum life, waking up late and rolling around in bed.  But I realized (again, as I’ve known this looooong before), I can’t live without work. I don’t know if you’d call it “addiction”. I like the chaos of spontaneity, yet I also like the comfort of structure. Tsk. Workaholic. Hindi, hindi, kelangan magbakasyon Bev. You’ve been going around too fast too long. Lalalala.


Last weekend, we had an epic Mexican-themed house party.

Mexican food and Mexican liquor.

That is all I am going to say about that. Krkrkrkr.


Feeling really great this morning. Yesterday, Ayu and I went out together na kami lang. We had late dinner at Mister Kebab (yay, keema!), coffee at CBTL Tomas Morato, and epic body massages (Thai body for me and Swedish body for him) at Thai Boran right afterwards. What is awesomesauce. ♥

Ever since we’ve gone out, we’ve always (alwayssssss) gone out with friends. All the time. The last time we went out together for coffee was Icannotrememberwhen. >_< So that was really nice, a quiet, mini-celebration of the fourth. Bit late, yes, but all worth it.


You’re my beautiful rescue.

I love you, Ayu. ♥ Always.


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