Trolling on the Wall

My brother is stupid. And I love him for it. ♥

This morning, I heard someone in the bus say, “Kung walang pera, eh di walang problema sa pera. Di ba? Mababaw na malalim.” I liked how simple the statement was, yet undeniably it made sense. I decided to make it my status for the morning:

Facebook: Bev's Status 9-1-11

Made sense naman di ba?

Then my brother decided to troll me:

Ral: Trolling in the deep

My brother: Trolling in the deep

Which then prompted me to troll back:

Bev Trolls Back

The Big Sister Strikes Back

This is the video, hoho:

Ral couldn’t take the pain:

Gay shit on my wall

Y U....?!



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