Like a kid on the last day of summer

Felt exactly like that yesterday. D:

Ayu and I mostly lounged around the house during the long weekend. I was supposed to take him up north as a surprise, but the foul weather (argh Mina!) spoiled my plans. >__< Friends came and went so that was nice.

Yesterday was the last day of the long weekend. We went over to Timezone in the afternoon to play some games. Fun fun.~

Ayu playing at TZA

Ayu playing this game...thing at TZA. I forgot its name. >_<"

Afterwards, we went to Tomas Morato to cap the night off with coffee. Well. Supposedly. The Coffee Bean was packed! o___O Guess everyone wanted to prolong their staycation. :)) The four of us trooped to Bubble Tea instead.

Japan Japan!

Doing the "Japan Japan!" pose at Bubble Tea, Tomas Morato. ^_^v

Aaaaaaagh, I want moooooore long weekends! But then again, after this week, I’ll be full of “long weekends”. o___o Nooneenoo.


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