No Smoking Week: SUCCESS

So, right, nabura ako sa mundo ng Sabado. No blog entry for the sixth day. I’ve been up here in Antipolo since yesterday and got too lazy to blog. Figured the air would be good for me here.

So today is the last day of the No Smoking Week Challenge. Even though, technically, it’s still not time to smoke yet I could say that we’ve accomplished the challenge. :D In the end, it’s just me and Allan (the perpetrator haha) left. The rest couldn’t handle it. Ayu was almost there, but we got into this argument which sent him into Stressed Ako Go Away mode. x___x [But that’s all settled now, all’s good.]

Hmm. Funny, everyone (well, almost) was cheering me on to quit smoking. But again, the idea was to handle the challenge of no smoking for a week. As previously mentioned by Ayu, the “challenge” seemed silly since by the end of the week, we’ll all be back to smoking again anyway. I think, though, the idea was to capture the difficulties of not smoking for a whole week despite all the stress that you’ll encounter. It’s the idea of overcoming the stress of overcoming stress without the ciggies. Dig? Haha.

Anyway. I’m a bit lutang at the moment. Still catching up with my Dragon Nest character. Second job, here I come! :D


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