No Smoking Week Day 3: Retail Therapy

They say that the third is always the hardest. And so it is. D:

While I wasn’t experiencing any harsh withdrawal symptoms, Ayu was getting the brunt of it. He had a mild fever over the weekend and had been feeling weak most of the time. D: Gaah. I’m more affected mentally. I haven’t been my usual perky self for a while. There are times wherein I’d feel really derp-y. Most of the time, I’m flat. Like, tulala. This gets Ayu concerned; he sometimes mistakenly thinks I’m sad or thinking about something else. This then escalates to, uh, “stressful” situations. Ack. Good thing we’ve narrowly missed getting worked up over nothing. >_<

Anyway, yesterday we decided to give ourselves a treat. Peter, one of Ayu’s friends, told him about this:

Zoo York Sale

Would you really REALLY say 'no' to this? REALLY?

So OF COURSE we had to go. :))

We bought ourselves a pair each.

This is Ayu’s:

Zoo York - Ayu's shoes

See the detail on that? Ang gwapo e. Haha!

And this is mine:

Zoo York - Bev's Shoes

Of COURSE I had to get the pink one. ♥


I also bought a couple of shirts and a pair of earrings from Graphic Tees. RETAIL THERAPY! I guess it was our way of coping up with the stress of not smoking. Haha.

We went to Allan’s place afterwards, just to hang out for a while. xD

Aaaand here’s docu number 3 for No Smoking Week. LET’S GO!


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