No Smoking Week Day 2 (Point 5): GET BUSY!

HAH! I found a great way to get my mind off the challenge: just be busy!

I see the eye rolls, people. I know, I know, it’s hardly a surprising/novel tip. But, come on, give me some credit here. Haha. xD Or not. xDDD

After our afternoon nap, I decided to clean our room. It’s full of…weird and wonderful things. xD As I was going about the dusting and the cleaning, Jem (Ayu’s youngest brother) came up to us and said that he couldn’t take it. Aww. Another No Smoking Week casualty. T_T Then he teased us with some sticks. “Tig-isa tayo o!” Hrrrrrg. I mustered up all my control just so I wouldn’t pluck the stick out of his fingers. x___x

Anyway. Yeah, so I didn’t get to do my video on time. It’s now half-past 12 in the afternoon, so it’s technically Day 2.5 (or half of Day 3…whatever x.x). I got sleepy by the time I was supposed to do the vid. Bed was cooooomfy with the new bed sheets. xD

Here’s my documentation for Day 2.5. It’s funny, I can’t really talk a lot here in the office. Would feel…weird. :))


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