Extended Happiness

From 1985 to 1995, a syndicated daily comic strip ran in several newspapers across the United States. It was about a young boy, his stuffed tiger and their adventures together. The pair was named after a 16th century French Reformation theologian and a 17th century English political philosopher. Since then, Calvin and Hobbes drew a mark on the comic book industry and, moreso, on the lives of the people who read them.

I became a fan seventeen years after its syndication. I first saw the re-runs of the strip on the Sunday edition of the Philippine Star. They had a four-page full color comic strips section which featured other old syndication such as Garfield, Peanuts and Popeye.

I remember taking up CW 111 (Introduction to Writing for Comic Strips and Comic Books under Mr. Emil Flores) during my last year in college. Each person in class was required to do a report on a syndication. While everyone wanted the seriously big names (X-Men, Batman, Superman, Justice League, Green Bee Hornet, etc.), I went ahead and presented Calvin and Hobbes. I brought my collection of C&H strips. As soon as I stepped up the platform and showed them Calvin, everyone went “Awwwwwwwww.” They thought I was adorable.

I wonder if Professor Flores remembers me.

All these memories because I stumbled upon this strip earlier today:

Calvin and Hobbes -- 26 Years Later

Wouldn't this be sooooo cute? :p


Found this on the web too:

Never date a writer because she’ll fictionalize everything. She’ll write about things you have done to her, or things you never did for her. She’ll write about how you never bought her flowers. Not once. She’ll say in well-constructed prose how the whole time you were together, she never came home from a long week to see a vase full of roses, or daises, or anything.

Nice read. And you will read more. You are compelled to. … Or not.


After Sunday’s dinner and “press conference”, more and more people started to ask about us. Mostly my friends, of course, because Ayu’s friends knew about us earlier.

I’m all giddy. I’m very happy where I am now. Thanks for all the support guys. :)


I’m slowly moving out of my cubicle. Most of my papers are back at home now. My station still looks messy, but it seems lonelier now. Imma bring EVE home tonight.

Bev and EVE~*~*~

Ang tagal magrelease ng bagong Sket Dance. Meron na ngang Watashi ni xx Shinasai! eh. Dalawa pa nga e. T_T

Many thoughts on a Thursday afternoon.


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