♪♫ Redefined

Lately, I’ve been going into the habit of checking out covers of old songs. Thanks to YouTube, this endeavor has been infinitely easier. I’ve also noticed a huge leap in “budding” artists because of YouTube. I don’t want to say that Justin Bieber started it. … But maybe he did. I don’t know. D:

Anyway, it’s nice to see the music industry changing. Many people might disagree, preferring the “old way” of discovering and launching new talents. *shrug* To each his own. xD

Check out these songs:

Ayu stumbled upon this one: Magic by B.O.B. covered by Walk Off the Earth

Argh! ANG CUTE DEBBA. Makes me wanna dance, sagad. Pramis. G is awesomesauce. xD

Of course, you remember the remix for I Won’t Dance by Fred Astaire for Step Up 3D:

Sayaw tayo? :D I took the video from the actual scene. So cute kase! But if you want to hear the song only, JunHeeLee08 from YouTube uploaded a video with A+ sound quality.

This one’s more mellow: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, covered by Vanilla Sky.

Did I say mellow? HAHA. xD But it’s cute, right? xD You can distinctly hear the Italian accent. SO ADORABLE. Hahaha.~

This one’s very nice, Just A Dream by Nelly covered by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. I’m super crushing on Sam. Gondo gondo ng boses nya. T__T

Christina’s uber cute too. ♥ Hai? Hai.

Clayton Risner, my current favorite artist (he made the song Beautiful, which I dedicate to my balrog :p), also made awesome covers for several songs. But this one’s my favorite, his cover of Lady Antebellum‘s Need You Now (he’s joined by Emmaleigh Foster):

Ang cute pa ng video! Looks like they just made it at home. And maybe they did. SIGE KAYO NA. D:

Hope you enjoyed the songs! ^__^

For this entry, I used cute five times. HAHAHA.

If you know other nice covers/remixes, share them here? I’d looooove to hear them. :D


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