A day of non-productivity

Oh, what a migraine can do. :\

I like taking breaks now and then. Like most human beings, I get Attack of the Lazies too.

Lazy Cat is lazy.

"Ohhhh but the bed is so sooooooft."

But today was just too much. x____x I was lying down, quite literally, on the bed for hours on end. It was fine in the morning, since my migraine was acting up and I can’t do shiz about it.

Splitting Headache by Teophoto

It reeeeeeally felt like this. Srsly.

But after the nth hour, I’m like this:





Sharing with you guys this nice passage I found from Tumblr. It’s from Looking for Alaska, a book by John Green.

Looking for Alaska

"Not fuck. ... Not even have sex." Aww. ♥

Awesome imagery. I wish I’d be called a hurricane. XD


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