No Smoking Week

This morning, I got a notification to attend an “event”. Allan, in all his fluffy glory, decided to make No Smoking Week.

No Smoking Week

It even has its own page! AND UNCLE SAM!

From August 21 to 28, attendees are invited either to observe or join him in his, uh, quest to refrain from smoking. At the end of each day, attendees (and maybe even observers?) should make a video documenting how it feels like not to smoke. No rules or limits here, just to simply stick to the plan.

I decided to join in, since I’ve always had this thought that I am still in control of this vice. I am aware that I’m craving for a ciggy every morning, but other than that I can go throughout a day without asking for another stick. Unless we’re drinking. Harr.

I started smoking late last year, after curiosity and stress got the better of me. With that short record, this should be relatively easier for me, right? RIGHT? >_<


Challenge Accepted



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