If You Are No Longer Happy

My fingertips brush across your back
as you lay beside me in deep slumber.
From this angle,
your shoulders and waist form
the most sensual back I’ve ever seen.

Seeing your sleeping face
brings me a calmness
I cannot quite grasp.
There’s a stillness, a quiet peace
that stirs my dreaming heart
and I wish for this
to last.

But, my love, should your heart forget
please tell me.
Be straight, be swift.
Do not let the pain linger,
do not let the pain last.
Let our last memories be of
laughter, smiles,
happiness for a love pure and true.

Love, should you lose your way
promise me any of two things:
one, that you’d find your way home.
I will always hold up a lamp for you,
like the faithful servant of lore
waiting for her master’s return.
Try and walk back.
If you find that you can not
then, love, promise me that you’ll be happy
wherever you may choose to go.
For there is nothing else
in the world I want, nothing else
I’d need once I know
you’re happy, you’re smiling.

Love, if you are no longer happy
do not let me stop you.
Do not let the memory of me hinder you.
Go. Fly.
Find your place
because, love, remember that
your happiness lays not with me,
but within thee.
Do not let the world take away your soul.
Keep your youth, safeguard it.

And if, my love, if ever you’d ask where I’d be,
my answer would always be the same.
I will remain where you left,
in the same spot, in the same place.
I will stay there, holding up our lamp.
I will stay there, faithful.
I will stay there until you ask me otherwise.

Then. Only then, my love, shall I move.

To the faithful. To the loving. To the broken.

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