Decisions, decisions

Last week, I was having problems with a fork. Now I’m facing a trident.

King Triton Little Mermaid Kingdom Hearts

King Triton has nothing on me. NOTHING.

If I could grow and get rich while staying in my own country, why not right?

But the lure of flying, and having the adventure of a lifetime, is so great. Not too great, but SO great.

I love to stay here, of course. There’s a lot of What Ifs in my head right now. It’s a matter of Doing It Now (i.e. to fly and get the adventure now) or going at it via Delayed Gratification. In my experience (so far), Delayed Gratification works better especially in the long run.

But what if, WHAT IF. The culture. The people. The life.

Traveling by train

And maybe, just maybe, I'd be fortunate enough to pass through one of these. x___x

And then there’s this.

I live for adventure. I live for challenges. These two new choices have both, what the fuck.

I need time to think. I need time to give this deep thought.

Of course, starting a business is hard, and as with all businesses, a risk. HARR.

I want to think for me. I want to give me time to think.

Of all the days to think about this. Haha.



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