Twisted Me(n)tal

Right. In an effort to save my braincells from rotting, I scoured the Innernetz for puzzle games.

Early July, Interlocked got me hooked. The idea is simple: you have to separate all the parts. There’s always a key part that, when moved, unlocks the whole puzzle. So much fun, ilang oras din akong nabobo. Haha! I can’t get a proper screenie of the puzzle because it’s in flash so just click on the link up there to see the game.

Today, I discovered another game. It’s called Curvy in HTML 5. Another simple game: you just have to link every “arm” in the puzzle. Every puzzle is random, so it’s a guaranteed mindfuck every time. Haha.

Curvy in HTML 5

I finished this puzzle in 6 minutes and 44 seconds. T____T

Try it, try it! It’s good mental work out. ^_^

If you could suggest more puzzle games/sites like these two, leave the links here. I’d greatly appreciate it. It’ll save me from boring days at the office. Hoho!


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