That epic moment…

… when the DJ plays your song. Grawr!

Just woke up from an epic night with the boys and girls of Kyusi. I think we all woke up at the same time. My head is currently pounding. Not with headache, but with the sound of bass.

The day started off pretty well, with me getting enough rest for the night ahead. I had two parties to attend: MCO’s 18th Anniversary and Reunion and Kim’s 23rd Birthday Basagan Session.

Of course, I had to start sober. Off I went to Studio Z in Katipunan to meet the kids of MCO.

As I sat inside the cab, I remember seeing Marvin Victoriano, founding member of UP MCO, confirming his attendance via our Facebook page. Little did I know that he would be the first person I see inside (I just kinda smiled at him and nodded). When we were introduced, I was like:


"OH! So you're...OH!"

So, forgive me Marvin. I was star struck. Like I told you, you were just a name back then. We never saw a photo of you, never saw your batchmates’ faces. So, yeah, you’re like poon to us. HAHA. But we’re glad we’ve met you AND Data Tolentino-Canlas as well.

My batchmates with the founding members, Marvin Victoriano and Data Tolentino-Canlas

Standing L-R: Data Tolentino-Canlas, Eleazar del Rosario, Kimberly Tan, Beverly Lopez, Marvin Victoriano || Seated L-R: Thedd David, Jerick Parrone, Ryan Juego, Annelle Tayao, Nen Quintos

Of course, the Brat and the Megami will always have a photo together:

Kimberly Tan and Beverly Lopez

Brattinela and Megami, camwhoring.

It’s kinda weird and off that I kinda just stayed for the food (I did pay after all. Was not satisfied, btw. Food was so so. Kthnxbai.), but the Kyusi Kids were looking for me already sooooo yeah. Round past 9, I headed for Dinoy’s. Kim and the rest of the crew were already buzzed by the time I got there. xD The GL was set for 11:30, so we all rushed to Bliss after a few rounds. Now, the things that happened in Bliss, stays in Bliss.

Unless you have photos.

Dancing the night away in Bliss Superclub.

Doing what we do best. xD

Vincent Sevilla, Alan Oguis, AJ Aviado, and John Abrena

Modelling for Tequila Rose?


We capped things off with some Keema from Mister Kebab. Yumm.

That was an epic, epic night. Party pa? PARTY PAAAAA. PUNEEEEYT.


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