Three Boys and A Girl

I officially apologize to Kaiser at this point. I have totally distracted your men from doing their work. I am so sorry. But I am thoroughly enjoying myself. xD

Today started out pretty lousy. Icky rain water and pebbles got in between my toes as I headed out to work. Got a bit late. Didn’t have any lunch. Good thing one of my officemates brought some pancit so I got to eat. Lousy weather as I went to SMN. Balrog was having a crummy day as well, so we got into a mini-argument. Rawr. The list goes on and on.

Moods changed, however, when we got home. The three guys decided to play a round of tong-its. They were thinking of a good pusta. “Make up na lang,” I quipped. The three immediately agreed. Little did they know of the perils they’ll be facing.

Right now, Alan looks like Rita Avila [he has foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blusher, eye liner, lip stick]. :))))))))))))) Vince has foundation, eye shadow and blusher. He looks very photoshopped. Ayu, who suffered the least loss so far, only has foundation and blusher. Geisha daw siya. xD

Sorry guys, no photos. You’ll only have to rely on your imagination. xDDD


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