All the men I dated, I met on the web.

Actually, I should say “All the men I actively* dated, I met on the web.”

It’s weird. Back in 2000, my mom expressed her, uhh, concern over the fact that most of my friends are guys but I’ve dated none of them. I quote, “Di ka naman panget. Ang ganda-ganda mo nga e!” Sigh. She was very motherly when she said that, which just added more to my then depression.

www.weareanime.multiply.comFast forward to 2002. I re-joined the WeAreAnime chatroom (now non-existent) and met Kyozo. Kyo was, and still is, special. He really took care of me, and I truly believe I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He led me away from my sheltered life and taught me how to be street smart. My first MRT ride was with him, hahaha.

Things didn’t work out between the two of us though. We broke up summer of 2005. That’s when I met Raijin. I met him while playing Gunbound PH. We hit it off pretty quickly, so we started going out.

www.pinoyliterotica.comIn 2007 though Rai and I broke up. I started going out with Hate Me (that was his nickname then–yes, emo, let him be). I met him in a chatroom of a website called Pinoy Literotica (because, yes, I used to dabble in erotic writing. I’m quite adept at it. … ANYWAY.) Now, HM is someone I’d really rather forget and not count at all. :\ He’s the embodiment of a guy I wish I never dated. He was a jerk and he never treated me right. He was flirting with other girls and telling them he was single, ffs. UGH. I reeeally wish I never dated him.

We lasted for about three months before I left him. At that time, Raijin was openly telling me that he wanted us back together. I gave him another chance. We ended up marrying each other.

But THAT didn’t work out either. :| Meh. Summer of 2011 (hey, so recent!), we I decided to call it quits. I knew we wouldn’t work out in the long run. Anyway.

Currently I’m dating Rantaine. [If you’re smart, you’ll be able to figure out who this guy is just by poking around my site.] I met him while playing Luna Online. I vividly remember the place where we “met”, but I cannot remember what we were talking about exactly. I believe he said something about helping me hunt items from the Lamias. The archer and the mage. HAHA.

So, right, that’s four guys. Two from chat rooms, two from online games. Am I abnormal? :\ In a span of nine years, I have not been “wooed” by a “real life” guy. HAHA. I’m just too intimidating in person. Orrrrrr, I’d like to think that anyway. xDDD


OH. Hmm. Would it pose a problem since I’m using the words “date” and “dating”? I realized that the Philippine culture has a different take on these words (i.e. “dating” is not “serious” or “steady”). But anyway. Doesn’t matter to me. xD

* count does not include the summer flings and random trysts
Names changed as these boys may not really appreciate me talking about them here. Hahaha.


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