Childhood Fear: Pediophobia

Last night, Ayu showed me a video he posted on the DNA Facebook Page. I’ve seen him post it before, but never really bothered to open the link because of the title (Very Creepy Doll Commercial from the 60s). [I mean, really, it says CREEPY right there, and I’m all gay when it comes to creepy things. No offense to my gay friends. Btw, link goes to the actual video. You’ve been warned.]

Anyway, I ended up crying and slightly hysterical :| after [semi-]seeing and hearing the video. Augh. I didn’t really expect that, and I thought I’m over my pediophobia. It has been years [and several doll movies] already since my last breakdown. When I heard that … creepy … child’s voice cry … I just lost it. Really. If I could run away with a pillow covering my face, I would. >_<

If I were to trace my fear, I believe it began when I first saw Child’s Play.I remember watching a re-run of it when I was four, along with mum and dad. I was hiding behind a pillow the whole time, scared as fuck. After the movie, Dad [bless his sadistic but loving soul] grabbed a gift-wrapped box as tall as I was from their room. “Open it,” he said. Inside stood Wendy Doll, a three-foot “walking” and “talking” doll. Ginger, bushy hair, much like Hermione’s. Pleated, plaid skirt. I forgot her top.

I think I didn’t speak to my dad for a few hours after that. When the garbage collector came, I handed Wendy over. Ick.

I’d like to show you guys a photo of Wendy, but I’m too effing scared to type her up in Google. I might see her face and… augh. I’m palpitating just by the mere thought of it.


I mustered up some courage to read more about pediophobia.So, right, they’re saying that some people just dislike certain types of dolls. Barbie Dolls, I can handle fine. I’ve been playing with and collecting them since forever. I don’t like porcelain dolls. They creep me out. I don’t like rag dolls. They look very sad and depressed, and I’m scared that they might rebel one of these days. I also dislike wooden puppets, although I can generally tolerate them.

The good thing about phobias is that they’re curable. I don’t think I can handle any shock therapy any time soon, but I’m open to other suggestions.


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