Ah Megami Mina!

It’s amazing how everything just clicked. We haven’t seen each other for half a decade and yet when we saw each other it was like we were back in WAA again.

Melissa Mina, my friend of ten years, recently came back here to spend around two weeks before she headed back to Canada. I was fortunate enough to catch her last Tuesday, since her schedule was jam packed. Meetings, get togethers, vacations, and on and on.

We stuffed ourselves full in Burgoo (oooooh, kebab OMNOMNOMNOM) and then headed for Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee for dessert. We also stuffed each other full of kwentos from what happened for the past five years. So full in fact that we didn’t realize that it was past ten in the evening already when we finished (and I had work the next day!).

Those few hours I spent with Liss made me realize how people can really change over time. Admittedly, the Bevie and Lissie before are different from the Bevie and Lissie now. Different as the two beings are, however, we remained really good friends despite not being able to talk to each other a whole lot. (And thanks to the Intarnetz, we could still talk and catch up. *hearts*~)

Haay, Lissielisso.~ I miss you already. *huglompageness!*~

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