As I was going home last night, I met one of my least favorite people on the bus–Godpushers.

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that I do believe in a Higher Being (named such, if you’d rather believe in the Muslim Allah instead of the Catholic/Christian God or whoever Deity you believe in).

Ekei, now. You know Godpushers: those people who preach the word of the Lord inside the bus and then ask for money afterwards. I don’t really give to these “organizations” as, one, I don’t really know them and, two, I don’t really care about them. Anyway, I was seated (sleeping) at the front of the bus on the two-seater when this girl stood up and suddenly burst with her opening spiel.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind her but she was right beside me (like two steps away) and her voice was THIS LOUD. It rattled my slumbering brain. X__X Since ganun na nga, I decided to listen to her preaching.

She was really laying it on thick, muttering “Glory to God” every now and then. Despite that, she trudged on. She talked all the way from Guadalupe to Crossing (+ traffic). What she was saying actually made sense…up until she got to the part wherein she called going to work “isang kalayawan“.

Patawarin mo po sila Panginoon, dahil hindi sila nakakasamba sa iyo kapag Linggo. Isang araw na lang nga ang hinihingi mo, hindi pa nila maihandog sa iyo. Madami daw kasing customers kapag Sunday, maraming benta (I have no idea what she meant by this x.x). Glory to God, alam Ninyong puro kalayawan lang ang ginagawa nila buong linggo, sana naman ibigay nila sa inyo ang araw ng pagsamba.”

That got me irked. Kalayawan? As far as I know, I am working my butt off for my family–little, yes, but family nonetheless. Sinasabi ba niya iyon para mampukaw ng damdamin? Well, she achieved that goal. I was very pissed by the end of her speech.

But she wasn’t done. She said that what we’re working for is nothing. Nothing but for the work of the Devil. WTF. Now that reeeally pissed me off. I knew she was going to ask for money at the end of everything, kaya I was super tempted to stand up behind her and tell her, “Uy, siguraduhin mong hindi ka hihingi ng pera sa mga taong to kapag tapos mong mangaral dyan ha? Kasi, yung ginagawa nila kalayawan lang. At syempre, yung bunga nun eh bunga ng Diablo. Di ba yun ang sabi mo? So ang pera na hihingin mo, galing sa kalayawan namin, galing sa Diablo. Wag kang hihingi ha?”

Also, I was really annoyed by how she used “nila” instead of “kami”. Like she wasn’t a sinner, like she was perfect. Sige, ikaw na’ng anak ng Diyos.

But, meh, I held back my tongue. She went on and on about how offerings are mandated by God. Pero di ba sabi Niya, magbigay nang may ligaya sa puso? How can I give when that girl offended my senses so much? :|

The things I learn during bus rides. Haay.

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