Bullet Update

September 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Five of the craziest days I’ve ever had.

I’m surprised it didn’t spill over to this week, but heck I’m not complaining.

I’m just going to do bullets of what happened.

  • I have seven, yes, SEVEN, tickets to the Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano AS1 Concert. Nakakatawa, I never expected it. Thanks Vienna for the heads-up! Never mind that it’s just in the Silver section. I’m a (closet) fan of Gary V. I love it when he sings praise songs. Nakakatindig balahibo, and I really feel the songs. I hope they do duets. Tha’d be nice. ^_^ Oh, btw, did I mention that the seven tickets are FREE? :)

  • I got to talk to my mum on her birthday (Thursday). It was nice, we caught up with each other. Hi mum. Belated happy birthday.~ I know you’re reading this, although you don’t comment. Hahaha.

  • I realized that we really cannot have a kid pala because of the nature of my job. Hello, election stress much. I will just torment my co-workers with my hormonal imbalance. :D

  • Last weekend was the cra-zi-est yet, but I won’t go into details here. Let’s just say the World can dish out lessons from the most unexpected places. Or people.

Here’s to a new week. Plus, it’s payday tomorrow! :)


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